The Recipe for Great Stew – A Strong Back-link Management Strategy

Back-link Management is the basis for and effective SEO Strategy

Are you building backlinks to increase the organic rankings of your website?

Back-links what? …

OK, I lost you right? Back-links are are simply links on other websites that link back to your website. Back-links have long been considered the most important ranking signal. But many businesses, particularly small ones, do not realize the importance of keeping track of all the links pointing to their website. It’s essential to understand that links shouldn’t be simply created and then forgotten. If you want to produce the best results, you need an SEO agency to manage these links along with setting up an effective back-link building and management strategy.


Obviously this is not a common strength, and there’s usually no one within a business that has the expertise to do this safely, and efficiently.This may help you to realize the importance of incorporating an SEO agency in you marketing plan, to take care of the heavy lifting.

Here’s a few key important points.

Know ‘Where’ Your Links Come From

One of the best reasons to monitor your links is to determine where they come from. Following the Penguin update, Google has placed more emphasis on links that come from high quality, relevant and authoritative sources. Ideally, you want your links to be contextual and published on real websites relevant to your niche. This allows you to see whether your links are doing your site any favors or whether they’re putting your business at risk of being imposed a Google penalty. You might be tempted to buy links, big mistake. It’s best to hire an SEO agency under a contract with a proven track record, that will be accountable for the links as well as deal with any preexisting bad links (See disavowing below). Its very important to hire an agency that can see the big picture of your back-link profile, … With all the diversity of links and build your profile within the correct ratios of links divided between blogs, social media, directories, web 2.0, Wiki, comments … you get the picture. SEO is more than have the right keywords on your website.

Avoid Negative SEO

As a business owner, you must realize that it’s possible for other marketers to resort to shady tactics just to stay ahead of the curve. Negative SEO, for instance, can be used to point spammy backlinks to your website. When you accumulate tons of low quality links, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your hard-earned rankings and even face the possibility of being wiped entirely from the search index. An SEO agency should be monitoring your backlinks using automated tools and incorporate alarms or notifications that will advice them if thing go off track. This way they can deal with thing right away, address any issues and of course, use this to monitor new links and social signals.

Disavow Links That May Hurt Rankings

When we find bad links pointing to a clients website on the initial assessment we include the work involved to have these link disavowed using Google’s disavow tools in our proposal. The disavow tool is specifically designed to let webmasters have greater control over the links pointing to their clients websites. By disavowing links, we’re essentially telling Google that we don’t want your website to be associated with those links. If you suspect you may have some negative SEO, we offer a free analysis and consultation to help you to begin resolving these issues. These links can seriously affect your organic rankings and this process must be done carefully. Accidentally submitting good links, by mistake, could hurt your rankings just as bad. It’s best to leave this to an expert.

Always remember that an effective link building strategy doesn’t revolve around blasting your website with as many links as you can or flooding your website with keywords. Everything must be done correctly and in the right ratios.

An Effective SEO Strategy is like cooking up a great Stew


You have to start with a good foundational broth, have all the right ingredients and in the correct quantities.

Then heat it up to the right temperature and add just the right spices.

Once the ingredients start to meld in the right consistencies, a beautiful fragrance will begin to fill the internet Serps for your keywords and people will want to come and see what you’re cooking on your website.

Your back-link profile should contain a good mix from mid to high quality sources.

With the help of seasoned SEO agency on your team, you can avoid dealing with issues that may decrease rankings while putting your website in the best position to dominate the search listings.

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