Three Key Strategies for Succeeding at Marketing On Mobile

Mobile devices are proving to be the next big thing when it comes to marketing…


There are a couple of critical issues that you need to keep in mind if you want to enhance your brand’s image and open up a whole new revenue channel.

Considering how fast the mobile market has exploded this decade, marketers now have to be always on their toes looking for ways to ensure their efforts adapt to the needs of mobile users. According to Mary Meeker’s internet trends report (2018), more than half of the close to six hours’ people spend browsing the internet daily is through a mobile device.

Furthermore, these people are increasingly becoming accustomed to making consumer decisions through their tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices. Because of this, mobile marketing has become a critical channel for not only driving sales ordered through various mobile platforms but also for maintaining brand loyalty and visibility.

For most marketers, however, coming up with ways to optimize mobile marketing campaigns isn’t always obvious. It is essential that you understand your options and ensure that they are implemented effectively.

When applied correctly, the following strategies should help you make and get the most out of mobile marketing.

Gamify Your Approach

While today’s consumer might no longer be impressed by gimmicky gamification, being able to capture their attention by employing legitimately fun and mentally stimulating techniques can still be useful in keeping your brand/product in their minds. Since mobile is well integrated with various social networks, gamification may enable family members and friends to act as a brand’s advocate as they introduce others to your game.

While creativity and innovation are both crucial when it comes to gamification, there are a couple of fundamental principles that one needs to remember. A rewards system is essential since people like to know that they’re inching closer to various real-world discounts or are making progress in the game. Points systems and badges are now less appreciated considering that they have been standard features in websites and gamified ads for years now. However, if used skilfully, they can still be quite valuable.

Be Game with Google and The Bots

All of your efforts when it comes to digital marketing need to be adapted for mobile use, and that includes your email newsletters, website, and other channels. It is crucial now more than ever to do so considering that Google, has of late, been indexing content based on mobile sites instead of desktop sites, a method known as “mobile-first indexing.”

If you are not planning on incorporating artificial intelligence into your marketing efforts, then reconsider your stand. According to DemandBase, 80% of marketing executives believe that artificial intelligence will, in the next two years, “revolutionize” marketing.

That’s not surprising bearing in mind how well-suit artificial intelligence systems are for going through user data and identifying patterns that inform marketing efforts. That includes determining the time of day when it is most favorable to push out offers and updates, as well as identifying the best leads.

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Build the Infrastructure You Need

To successfully and effectively use the technology needed to meet your mobile marketing goals, it is essential that you invest in the proper infrastructure. One part of having the appropriate infrastructure is ensuring that you understand the importance of speed. For instance, Google noted that when a page’s load time on mobile went from a second to five seconds, the bounce rate shot up by 90%.

Another crucial infrastructural element to focus on is network security. According to the head of marketing strategy for finance and professional services at Zayo Group, dedicated and private connectivity to a public cloud service provider will reduce many of the security and performance concerns related to public internet environments.

According to Alissa, this approach keeps infrastructure costs down, solidifies network reliability, and ensures that your bandwidth is capable of handling all of your needs. It is essential that application be up and running when consumers want to access them – be it at their laptop or desktop or through a mobile app.

Once these strategies have been put in place, let devices and the sharing culture on mobile work things out on its own. Mobile devices are proving to be the new prospect for marketers and need to be considered a top priority. Luckily, advances in technology continue to make this platform a more secure, more enticing and much faster experience for users.

By implementing these strategies and keeping a few central issues in mind, you shouldn’t have a hard time capitalizing on this opportunity.

All in all, businesses that create convincing mobile marketing campaigns will soon be reaping the benefits in the not-so-distant future.

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