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Our Search Engine Optimization service is NOT for all businesses.

The process starts here at the Discovery Page. You may assume that we, like many SEO companies out there, are simply looking for ‘any’ new clients, that is simply incorrect. Though we have helped many businesses and organizations achieve their goals, we simply cannot work with everyone at once. In order to give my clients the attention needed to maximize their success, we only take on a limited amount of clients to work with at a time, in order that we may give them our best attention.


We work with businesses who have:

1.  A healthy and active business already; Our service is for those companies which are already achieving some level of success and want to bring it to the next level.

Note: We don’t work with:

  • ‘Get Rich Quick’ Promotional Schemes
  • Adult Content Themed Material
  • Hate / Racial Material

2.  An established customer base and a steady flow of leads; In other words, you are getting some consistent income and making steady sales already. You may be doing some advertising like newspaper ads, flyers, direct mail, television, etc. In other words, you’re already promoting in some way, and selling your product and/or services. Your company name doesn’t have to be famous, but you need to have established your market presence.

3.  A quality product or service, and a credible reputation; developing a strategic marketing plan together with us will not only increase your profits and sales, but we’ll do it in such a way that it creates goodwill on your behalf, in your market.

If you’d like to speak to me about getting you awesome results, I’ll happily reserve some time for you.

Here’s how the process works: First, fill out the discovery form below.

The information you provide will help us to put together an effective strategy to assist in increasing your revenue.

I’ll conduct a free analysis of your current website, online visibility, keyword research as well as analyze your competition.

The initial phone call will take less than an hour in which I’ll present you with custom strategy, get to know you a little better, and work out further details.

That’s it.

You’re on your way to a bigger and better business …


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