What is Digital Marketing in the HVAC and Trades Industry?

Digital marketing of HVAC products and services can include a variety of initiatives and marketing channels. Some of these include SEO, social media, advertising, website design, the list goes on.

When a digital marketing campaign is implemented effectively, it can result in leads in the form of potential long term customers, as well as an overall increase in revenue for your business.

Harnessing the power of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is one of the top ways to pull in new potential Trades and HVAC service customers and clients to find your brand.

How SEO Can Help Trades Business and HVAC Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) creates an opportunity for HVAC, plumbers, electricians and other trades business operators develop consistent and targeted traffic to their website that generates leads and sales.

Organic SEO can generate some of the lowest CPL (costs per lead) resources available. Unlike PPC advertising, it provides 24/7 exposure to your content and offer.

How We Help Your Market Find You

We perform various improvements to your website, on page and off page to improve your websites rankings in search results. The more people find your content and become familiar with your brand and services, the better relationships are nurtured resulting in a new connection, relationship, or lead.

There are literally billions of searches every day on Google. Most people searching never venture past the first or second page in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you’d like to know where your website ranks for various keyword searches in your market area, we’d be open to providing you with a free report and proposal to improve your rankings.  Contact Us to request this report.

Often people are amazed as just how much traffic they’re missing out on when we show them their competitions traffic, who is ranking on page 1 is getting.

If your web content is not showing up on page 1 of Google when people are looking for or asking questions about the services you offer, you’re missing out on a lot of new business.


Lady calling an HVAC company for service


4 Essential SEO Strategies for Marketing Your Services as an HVAC Company or Trade

1. Website Design, Development and SEO

If you’re not consistently optimizing pages on your website, you wont be able to stay on top of your competition. Integrating relevant search terms or keywords into your website in the right places is a key factor. This would include the page titles, urls, meta descriptions, tags, images, and content. This should be done without keyword stuffing.

Title tags, header tags, and url are 3 critical components of any web page. These must be used correctly for readability as well is a major ranking factor when done correctly

Your website must be able to load quickly on various browsers and devices. If your site is experiencing and load issues or is not responsive to various screen sizes, your visitors may bounce, click back to Google search and select one of your competitors.
Google PageSpeed Insights is a free source to check your websites load speed.

2. Content Creation – (that gets traffic)

As a HVAC Business, you want to create content that answers current questions people are asking. Think about what questions your clients and friends ask you about the industry. A perfect example with the current carbon tax increases might be centered around HVAC equipment replacement with higher efficiency or low carbon alternatives. For people with older outdated equipment, this is a viable question consumers would search so they can be prepared for the cost outlay.

Write a comprehensive blog post (1,000 to 2,000 words) that answers this question, “How much does a new Heating and air conditioning system cost”. Talk about the current options as well as any available Green Energy rebates. Create a 15 minute video and upload it to your YouTube channel and then embed the video on the page. Video is a great way to provide a visual first impression to perspective HVAC clients.

Remember to word the article so the average person can understand what your talking about. Write an introduction and educate your audience.

Another question might be, “Do I qualify for any government rebates or government retrofit grants” Publishing and blog posts on topic like this, you could cover a lot of ground and answer even more relevant questions and topics surrounding this topic.

A point to remember is, it’s usually best to write 1 really great post on a focus key topic and update now and then adding content and making it even better, than it is writing 10 thin posts about the same topic. The key is to establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise. Integrate relevant trade and conversion keywords throughout your page, optimize your images and make sure the content answers the questions people are asking without the use of trade jargon (so that readers can understand it).  You want to keep them on the page as long as possible absorbing what you have to say..

When you create content like this, you’ll appear higher in the SERP’s, bring more qualified traffic to your website, and thus increase lead potential. If you think about it, you’re investing some time once into a great piece of content that will have a lasting affect and could produce a return for years to come.

You may be saying; I’m not good at writing, don’t have time, or don’t know where to start.
We can help by creating content outlines for you that you can work from. Its very important that you’re involved however we can help minimize your time investment. We’ll make any optimization edits and additions, adding in the right keywords in the right places, including proper tags and images (as mentioned above)

3. Off Page SEO – Back-links and Social Media

When you create great content that ranks, other websites may link to your web page. In addition, we have a network of niche relevant website owners that are always looking for great content to link out to. We approach these websites on our clients behalf to present their content for consideration.

Building high-quality backlinks to your website via colleagues websites, referral partners, guest posts, social media profiles, local directories, and business pages.

4. Local SEO

The HVAC and trades market is local so you’ll definitely need to be optimized using location keywords in various strategic places. Optimizing for location keywords in your content and on your contact page will help local organic search as well as the ‘Local Map Pack’. (This is what we call the maps section you see under the sponsored ads section in Google search). An example of a location keyword search might be, “Ottawa furnace repair.” If your business is located in Ottawa, you’ll definitely want to show up for that search in the map section.

It’s important to have an optimized Google My Business listing. Your Google My Business (GMB) listing should appear when people search for businesses your area.

We offer our own customized sales CRM as well for managing inbound leads, routing and sales pipelines. There’s even an email automation feature that you can custom build you own sales or followup sequences that include your Google review link to encourage reviews.

Want to get started with SEO for your Website

SEO for the HVAC and Trades Industry will help your potential clients find your offer online. We can help your website rank on search engines and boost traffic and leads for your business. SEO is an ongoing process and requires contact attention and we can custom build an SEO strategy together with you to drive results.

We’ve driven millions of dollars in sales and thousands of leads for our clients and we can create a custom SEO campaign that drives results for your business as well.