When you enter a product or service you offer into Google search, does your website come up on page 1?


If not, then you may be losing a ton of business to your competition that rank higher


We can get your website to page 1 and keep it there.

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Some basics to help you understand SEO

SEO is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Your rankings, or the ability to find your website on Google or any other search engine, is a term used to describe the visibility of your website relative to the keywords used on search engines to find a product service that you offer.

All indexed Web sites are listed on Google’s search engine. The page you see when you search a word on google is referred to as a ‘search engine result page’ or ‘SERP’ for short.

How can SEO can help my business?

Let’s use a ‘widget’ company as an example.

You operate a company that sells and services widget for residential and business customers. You have a website that talks about; who you are, what you do, your location, when you’re open, and how to contact you.

This is a great start. You look at your website, it’s beautiful. You have your domain name printed on your business cards and add it to the signature on your emails. People, you have email contact with or your business card can visit your website right? Right.

But how do new potential clients find my website?

This is where SEO comes in and why it’s important for your business.

When a potential client is looking for goods and services, the words or terms they type into Google to search are referred to as ‘keywords’.  In our example, let’s say they’re searching for, “widget repair companies in Houston”.

The consumer will then be presented with a  list of results on results pages. There could be thousands of pages. You’ll want to be on page 1, of course.

The page is broken down into 3 key areas:

map pak 300x209 - SEO | Search Engine Optimization | #1 Premier AgencyMap Listings or Map Pack

This is a special area that is geared to helping the consumer find a business via its location relative to where they are searching from.

Every device with an internet connection has a unique IP address and this location address is used to organize the listings in this section in order of how close the business is to the device being searched from.

An optimized website, accurate citation listing and Google verification is key to inclusion and ranking in this area.

This is part of our SEO service.

serp organic section 300x262 - SEO | Search Engine Optimization | #1 Premier AgencyOrganic listings section

These are the 10 or so listings located under the local map section.

These listing are ranked in order of their relevancy, according to the search engine, to the keyword that was searched.

Good SEO is key to ranking in this area.

The work involved to achieve top rankings in this section is very complex. It involves many areas including, on page optimization as well as quality link building strategies off-page.

Optimizing and maintaining a consistent SEO strategy is part of our SEO service.

serp paid section 300x279 - SEO | Search Engine Optimization | #1 Premier AgencyPaid ads or PPC

These are paid ads. You will usually see a few at the top and a few at the bottom. These businesses use PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns via an Adwords account to manually list their business on the SERP’s.

The listings in this paid section are there because the company paid to be there and not necessarily because they have a great website with good information, great products and services, and a lot of traffic.

Paid ads are key to ranking in this area. We do utilize paid ads for separate off-site lead gen pages  opt-ins, as part of a larger strategy, but discourage PPC to rank your main website.


The URL link that Google uses for your website on a PPC ad is NOT your actual website link and therefore traffic through a paid link offers no increase to your organic search metric. Nor does traffic through a paid link help your organic listing what so ever.

You can see the actual link if you, right click / copy link location, of a paid ad … and then past the link on your notepad. That is their link embedded in the Ad, not you website URL. By the way, when you clicked that link, the business had to pay a fee even though you never went to their website.

That’s Crazy, isn’t it?

 Often times, we clean up the mess PPC agencies have made of a client’s website.

Some PPC agencies block Google from crawling the sites organic link, thus manipulating traffic to only use the PPC link to manipulate maxing out the clients budget faster, at which time they upsell them to a larger campaign.

It’s just my opinion, but PPC is for agencies who don’t know how to do proper SEO for their clients.

Another thing we’ve seen and proven is that some PPC agencies send fake or paid traffic to the PPC link to use up the clients’ budget, mid-term, in order to manipulate an increase.


what huh 300x200 - SEO | Search Engine Optimization | #1 Premier Agency

Ranking organically is the best option to establishing a solid online business.

There are numerous factors that affect where your website may rank on those pages for your keywords.

The higher your website is ranked in the SERP’s, and that means you need to be on page 1 and preferably in the top 3 organic listing and included in the Map section, the more views your website will get.

The more traffic you have to your website the higher the ratio of leads or opt-ins you’ll get.

This is where we come in. We stay on top of current marketing trends as well as develop and conduct our own testing. We use these proven strategies and incorporate them in promoting our clients.

Do you want more traffic to your website?

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