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A Simple Guide to Compelling Blog Writing

Blogging is now holding center stage as there is so much focus on content marketing. There is a huge demand for fresh content, and bloggers are having a field day. The power of content is undeniable in content marketing and even in the broader SEO context. With Google making it clear that it only wants quality content, it’s time for bloggers to tighten their belts. Filling spaces with words that appear to be good means nothing unless it can motivate readers to take some action. Content has to create value and build relationships based on trust. Therefore, it is not as easy as it may sound to produce quality content. The blog post that you write has to be high impacting.  In this post, the ways of writing high impacting and engaging blogs have been discussed.

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Mind Your Language

Writing blogs that can touch readers’ hearts depend on how well you present the language. The tone has to be conversational, but not to be presented in the language that we speak. Bloggers have to differentiate between spoken and written language because choice of words and expressions are important. The words have to be emotive so that visualizing what is being talked about becomes easy for readers. Avoid the use of acronyms and jargon (google-bot has a hard time distinguishing personal slang terms), and maintain lucidity in expression that creates an interest to read on.

Explain the Jargon

Although the use of jargon and acronyms are best avoided, it may not always be possible. If you have to use it, make sure that you explain what it actually means. The responsibility of connecting with readers lie with bloggers, and they have to walk the extra mile. If space is a constraint in explaining it, simply link it to some referral web-page to support your cause.

Avoid Self-promotion

When you are writing a blog on any topic, it would seem that the topic is perhaps most relevant to all. Instead of assuming that it would make interesting reading for many, try to gauge if it really is. The best way to do it is to ensure that the blog does not have any elements of self-promotion. Write about the topic that revolves around some product or service and not about you.

Keep it Clean

Regardless of how valuable your blog is, its quality can be damaged by grammatical and typographical errors. Your best efforts can go in vain if the blog has some errors that de-value it. Therefore, take care to proofread the blog to weed out all errors. Efficient proofreading is not about doing it repeatedly but doing it once again after allowing some cooling time. Proofreading after some time would unearth some errors that had been overlooked in the first round.

Call to Action

The content should not end on a happy note like fairy tales, but it should culminate in a call to action. Readers have to be urged in a tacit way to take some action after reading the blog. Unless they move towards a positive decision that can make business happen, your blog will lose a lot of value.

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