Email Marketing

Email marketing is powerful tool to stay in touch with your customers, potential customers and for cold outreach marketing.

What we do

We set you up with an email automation SaaS provider  where we can mange your campaigns. We import your contacts, design and write compelling content, and conduct email campaigns which can be connected to your CRM Sales management dashboard.

SaaS Email Automation Set Up

We set up an account on your behalf at a reputable email automation provider such as Send in Blue or Mailchimp


We'll consult with you and plan a periodic campaign schedule for various offers you want to promote, newsletters and special promotions.


We import your contacts, design marketing emails and newsletters within your account and schedule email campaigns and gather valuable analytics.

email automation info-graphic
email marketing info-graphic


We create compelling content, put it into an effective email marketing system and engage your market.

We’ll your marketing goals to promote offers and fill in the gaps in slow seasons.

We’ll have our team produce content and email campaigns.

We’ll optimize your email automation and integrate with you marketing CRM.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

The only one missing is YOU!