2 Quick Ways to Check Visibility of Your Website on Google

Check Your Website’s Google Search Visibility

Check #1.

‘Google My Business’ widget optimization

(10% of search volume)

  • On a desktop computer, search the exact name of your company in Google.
  • Your website listing should come up first, on the first page (in the organic section under the ads and map section) and your GMB widget should be displayed on the right (on desktop).
  • The GMB widget looks like a box, with your company info, images, reviews, reviews, call now & visit website buttons.
  • This type of search would be for existing clients who are possibly looking up your phone number… This is similar to the way we used to use the old yellow pages in the phone book. Its also an easy way for your customers to use the “call Now” button. Oh, that brings up another point … When you receive your Business analytics from Google, the “calls’ statistics is taken from people who click this button which does not necessarily represent new business exactly, rather could be mostly your existing customers simply using this type of search to find your GMB to call using the button.
  • This type of search accounts for 10% of traffic but does not bring in new business as it is a branded search.
  • If you cannot see your GMB widget, this can be fixed in about an hour. This is very important and needs to be complete thoroughly and correctly so that it’s visible on Google Search.
  • If you need help, contact us and let us know. We can help you get this done properly.

Check #2.

Search phrase (keyword) search

(90% of search volume)

  • On Google search, type various phrases potential customers might type in Google search when looking for your products and/or services…
  • Scroll down and try to locate your company’s business website listing …
  • You may have to click, “next page” at the bottom to go to page 2, 3 and so on.
  • Note: If you’re website is not visible on the first page for the search phrase, chances are the companies that are on the page are getting all the leads

google search results page showing site ranking visibility


There are 3 main sections on the Google search results …

  • 1. The ad section … the ad section is usually ignored by businesses (B2B) as they’re aware they are paid ad listings.
  • 2. The map section …(Not always shown), these are ranked as per, and if, the business’s Geo location is optimized as well as keyword search. The keywords used which trigger your business pin to show up is a little complex to optimize for the average person.
  • 3. The organic section … This is the list where the top optimized sites are that get the most “free” traffic. There are normally 10 businesses listed on each page, the first page listing getting the highest click through.

The organic section is where you want to be listed to maximize traffic to your website and pick up new business.

These are the sites that, in Googles eyes, are the best optimized to answer the search query that was entered, and listed by ‘rank’.

SEO for organic search is a little more involved, requires an investment BUT can 10X your current sales volume.

We help companies by optimizing their web pages in search engines for maximum search visibility and new client acquisition …

AND WE GET RESULTS – we’ll show you real case studies and client examples. Where they were and where they’re at now.

If you’re currently running PPC Adwords and feel you’re getting no results, you’re not alone. There are alternatives that cost less and actually work.

If you would like more information on how we can help you get more traffic / leads / customers from your target audience to your website, contact me directly with your personal contact info, including the best number to reach you …

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